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Michigan's Northern Nonpareils

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Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I've had the opportunity to see Costa Rica, Honduras, the Bahamas, Mexico, and several states within the US, and I have high ambitions to see the rest of what the world has to offer. If I had to pick one place that I could travel to for the rest of my life, though, my choice wouldn't be from the aforementioned list of places. As crazy as I am to venture out and explore new and exciting places, my choice would be much more local, and Northern Michigan has my whole heart. 

My childhood was engulfed in never-ending fun on my up north property and getting thrown around in the Lake Michigan waters. I've come to notice from the hundreds of road trips my family and I have taken that the farther north we'd go, the more untouched the land seemed to be. The older I'd get, the more I'd realize my appreciation for these natural beauties that continue to flourish with people's respect for their unfiltered landscapes. I think that nowadays, it's hard to come by places like Northern Michigan, where forests prevail, the air is as fresh as it can possibly be, and the animals can't be anything but happy. While I absolutely love the city life and its booming skyline, it's all I ever see anymore. Every single Northern Michigan city or place that I've yet to visit has so far shielded me from all of the worries and chaos that happens back at home; in a way, these places are my safe havens, bringing me a sense of relief from all of my present preoccupations. 

I've been introduced to Ludington, Mackinac Island, and Traverse City through my young and naïve eyes, when life was truly easy, and my biggest challenge was figuring out what to do on a rainy day. Even as someone who has faced her fair share of challenges, my perspective on these gorgeous places hasn't changed; their beauty, lively atmospheres, endless adventures, and unforgettable memories have allowed me to fall in love with them. I believe that people who never get the chance to visit these places within their lifetimes are missing out on some of the most incredible experiences. While they may not have mountain ranges, tropical rainforests, never-ending canyons, or year-long warm weather, their beautiful beaches and natural charm is what makes them wonderfully unique, and several of the elements that make up their uniqueness is presented throughout the pages dedicated to each place.

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